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If you are reading this article or are a fist time visitor to Impotence Treatment Now you may be wondering why there is a blog dedicated to women on a male impotence treatment website!

Well research has show that a proportion of visitors to the site are female. These women we can assume are either interested in the causes of impotency or are looking for impotency treatments for their partners. But there is a third option and that could be that women are looking for ways to boost their own libidos and improve their sexual health.

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There may be one or any number of problems or issues in a relationship that manifest themselves as impotency or erectile dysfunction. Money, job security, children, desirability and exhaustion are to name but a few of the outside influences that can be taken into the bedroom and have a negative impact on sexual and general relationship health. These are not male prerogatives, women feel and experience them too.

‘If a man can’t get an erection, it’s physically easy to see but with women a loss of libido is harder to define’.Oral Sex

Oral Sex

The best thing about relationships is that you’ve got each other and communication is quay to any successful relationship. Talking about sex should never be taboo. Build you confidence and the security of your relationship by flirting. The way you speak to each other, surprise calls, SMS and emails throughout the day as well as kind spontaneous gestures, all these things are part of foreplay and build a strong bond and trust between couples.

A women’s sexual dysfunction can be rooted in a medical or her hormone levels. In many cases it can be sexual dissatisfaction, relationship issues or the lack of communication. Women should embrace self pleasure and find out what ‘presses all the buttons’ and communicate this to their partners.

If one or both partners in the relationship are suffering from loss of libido try and talk about it (a problem shared). Of course we males don’t like to talk especially when it comes to our loss of masculinity but talk we must. Both men and women have to come from a place of understanding that their partner wants to please them. Be open, have fun and explore what works for the both of you.

Abstaining from sex and rediscovering each other can work in some relationships. Introducing natural supplements, massage with topical oils and lubes, role play or fantasy to the bedroom can also have the desired effect but all these should be enhanced with good communication, talking and listening.


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